Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Multi-Family units, Apartments Remodeling Contractor for Glendale, AZ

Apartment Remodeling, Glendale AZ kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, Islands, Flooring Free Design Estimates of Site
Remodeling Contractor Ready to Transform your Apartment Kitchen
With so many options available to tenants looking to rent it is important to keep the kitchen in an apartment up to date and ready to wow potential tenants. There are many different ways to keep a Kitchen Fresh and unique. An island is a great addition for any kitchen and in an apartment it can make the difference between being just another apartment up for offer and the one that everyone wants to be living in.
Free Design and Estimates
With the option of a free design and estimate there is no reason not to check out different layout, design and style options available. Kitchen AZ will send a design specialist out to measure and go over different options available. From the measurements and design consultation, Kitchen AZ’s Design Specialists will design a kitchen that makes the most of the space available in the apartment Kitchen. 
Kitchen Specs
  • PCS Fallbrook style Cabinets with Java Stain
  • White appliances
  • Brushed nickel knobs
  • White hard surface countertops
  • Tile flooring similar to Marazzi’s Trendy Taupe from their Essentials collection
  • Custom Tile Backsplash
  • Paint Similar to Glidden’s Romantic Atmosphere

To set up a free Kitchen Apartment design consultation visit us on the web or call 602-357-0739

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kitchen AZ Cabinets Peoria AZ Customer Reviews

Peoria AZ Kitchen Remodel Customer Reviews

We take a lot of pride in all we do, and one of the most gratifying things we receive is an honest review from our customer.
We don't give rewards like theater tickets, or run free ipod contests to entice our customers, that's simply unethical, and it adds costs.

What Our Peoria AZ Customers Say

Great Work. Highly Recommend
Jul 23, 2013 by Teresa   City: Peoria •  Zip Code: 85373 • Would You Hire Us Again: YES •  Would You Refer A Friend: YES • Would You Provide A Reference: Yes  "I would recommend this company to anybody I know that needed cabinets. Very happy with the cabinets and the customer service provided. Never left us in the dark like some contractors. showed up on time as well. Don't hesitate to use this company if you want quality, efficiency and professionalism. Good job Jason and Tim!!"
Image description
Kitchen Remodel Awesome Work!!!!
Your City: Phoenix • Your Zip Code: 85028 • 
Would You Hire Us Again: Yes • Would You Refer A Friend: Yes • Would You Provide A Reference: Yes "I hired Jason as the GC for my kitchen remodel. I will definitely hire Jason again when the time comes for my next remodeling project. Great Job, Jason!"
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets and Islands By Glendale Apartment Remodeling Contractor

Kitchen AZ Cabinets and More Glendale AZ Apartment Remodeling Contractor Design and Installation Specialists
The most important feature for an apartment is the Kitchen

With the demand for apartments on the rise, now is the time to update the Kitchen. Just like homebuyers, renters are looking for the extras and apartment has to offer. One of the best extras to offer is the kitchen. Most kitchens in apartments are run of the mill, ho hum and bland. Make sure the renters are not only surprised but avid to be living in the apartment you have to offer. One way to make the kitchen stand out is by adding an island. Most Apartments lack an island so it is a great way to make and apartment stand out by adding one.

Color, Color and More Color

Most apartments are uniform in their drab white walls and neutral flooring options. Color is a great way to make an apartment speak for itself. It can take the form of colorful light fixtures that give the room an extra pop. These are an easy way to add color without committing too much into a tenant enjoying the color you choose. Another way would be to add A crown of color above any cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling. This can be a bold color or even a light color like a mint green. Tile flooring or backsplashes are another great way to add color to a Kitchen or Bathroom.

Kitchen Specs:

PCS Newport style Cabinets
Brushed Nickel knobs
Granite Countertops
White Appliances
Flooring Similar to Marazzi’s Trendy Taupe from the Essentials Collection
Paint similar to Glidden’s Antique Beige
Pendant and Under Cabinet Lighting

For more information on our apartment remodels please visit Kitchen AZ or call us at 602-357-0739

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Glendale AZ free Kitchen Design Estimates Cabinets, Countertops, Islands and more

Kitchen Remodeling for Glendale AZ. Licensed Contractor Offers Free Cabinet, Island, Countertop, Flooring Custom Designs.
Are you ready to Design your new Kitchen?

A new kitchen is one of the first things homebuyers are looking for. It I s also one of the factors that can change sellers minds about selling their home. With a new Kitchen a homeowner not only adds value to a home but increases the likelihood of a quick sale. For those who have no interest in selling their home a newly designed kitchen have many different benefits. One of those benefits is designing a kitchen for usability. Design a kitchen for who you are and what you most want out of a kitchen.
Why choose a general contractor?

A general contractor gives you many different benefits that a cabinet sales store can’t give to you. The first thing to consider is a general contractor stays with you and your project from start to finish. They interact with all of the different parts of your project. When remodeling a kitchen there are many different parts to the remodel including; flooring, cabinets, countertops, electrical, plumbing and drywall/painting that can be a part of the remodel. While not every kitchen remodel will be comprised of all these parts there is a good likelihood that it will have at least three of these. This is where your general contractor comes in handy. Not only do they have names of specific contractors that specialize in each area, they have also worked with them on prior projects and k now how well they will do with your kitchen remodel. The other great thing about general contractors is they act as a buffer between the homeowner and all the different contractors on a kitchen remodel. The general contractor is there to see that each part of the kitchen remodel is completed to specifications with minimal disturbance to the homeowner.
Kitchen specs:

  • Bridgewood-Advantage Wheaton style cabinets
  • Stainless Steel appliances
  • Granite Countertops
  • Tile Flooring similar to Marazzi’s Blissful Brown from their Essentials Line.
For more information on how you can get this design or your own custom kitchen design visit us on the web or call us at 602-357-0739

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Custom Kitchen Islands and Cabinet Designs and Installation in Glendale

Free in home designs for Kitchen cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and flooring AZ Licensed General Contractor in Glendale

Islands, Islands, Islands and Peninsulas?
Islands are a great way to use space in a kitchen while creating extra work space. Peninsulas serve the same function. What you choose to go with is not only a matter of what your kitchen can support space wise but personal preference as well. Peninsulas are a great way to separate the kitchen from another room. Islands, on the other hand, are typically used to define work space in a kitchen from dining areas.

Light it up!
The lighting is a very important component of any kitchen design. Some of the lighting you need to consider is the overhead lighting. The most popular lighting for overhead lighting right now is can lights. The next type of lighting is spot lighting also called work space lighting. Right now the most popular lighting for spot or workspace lighting is pendant lighting though we have also seen can lighting used for this same purpose. The next type of lighting is under cabinet lighting. Most under cabinet lighting is used as mood lighting or a great way to keep a light on in the kitchen at night.

Finish your Kitchen Design with Countertops and Tile Backsplashes.
The best way to complete a design is with custom countertops and backsplashes. Tile backsplashes are very popular right now. They are an easy way to let your personality and style shine through. The countertop choices available today are endless. Whatever your choice, be it wood, granite, solid surface or glass just to name a few, it is a up to you to determine which countertop type works best for you and your design. Each type of counter top has its own unique pros and cons.

Kitchen Specs
  • Bridgewood Cabinets
  • White Appliances
  • Neutral Tile like Marazzi’s Canyon Tile in their Cimmaron line
  • Granite Countertops
  • Pendant, Under Cabinet and Can Lighting

For more information on how to design your custom kitchen in the Glendale area visit Kitchen AZ or call us at 602-357-0739