Friday, June 5, 2015

Travertine Tile Flooring Finishes used in Phoenix Remodeling

The 5 types of Travertine Tile Finishes for Flooring we use in Phoenix

While size, color, pattern and placement of the tile flooring in your new construction or remodeling project make a big difference in your overall satisfaction, it is the look and feel of the finish applied to your natural stone which conveys the style you envisioned.

The Five Types of Travertine Tile Finishes

Honed and Resin-Filled Travertine Tile Finish
Truly Tumbled Travertine Tile Finish
Polished with Resin Fill Travertine Tile Finish
Brushed and Resin-Filled Travertine Tile Finish
Ancient Brushed Travertine Tile Finish 

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Travertine Tile Finishes for Flooring in Phoenix

Designer Tile Floor Patterns in Phoenix Travertine Porcelain Ceramic

 13 Travertine Tile Floor Designer Patterns On Sale

Why Authentic Durango Stone™ Travertine Tile ™ Designer Patterns™ ?

Outside of their timeless classic elegance and natural beauty, they provide:
  • The hardest, densest marble limestone travertine ever discovered in the history of the world.
  • Properly dimensioned-perfect square corners.
  •  Consistent architectural colorations range selection
  • 1 millimeter micro-beveled edges, standard on filled and honed tile edges
  • No sharp edges, for a smoother, cleaner finish.
  • Eliminates chipped edges and corners.

Travertine Tile Flooring Patterns Phoenix

Custom Travertine Tile Floor Patterns