Thursday, April 4, 2013

Goodyear Kitchen/Bar Remodel in Progress

While this remodeling project in Goodyear, AZ is not complete yet we are too excited to wait. It is too often easy to get caught up in the end results and the excitement of designing a remodeling project. Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or any room or space in your home for that matter it is important to remember the construction time. The scope of your remodeling project will determine the amount of time you spend in the construction phase. Construction can be done in a matter of hours or can last several weeks. The average remodeling project lasts about a week. When planning a remodel it is important to consider how the construction will affect your daily life. Will you have access to running water or even a bathroom? How long will the kitchen take to be completed from start to finish? It is recommended that you work with your general contractor so that you understand just what is happening and when it will happen.

Common questions to ask a General Contractor before they begin
  • Will the water need to be shut off?
    • If the answer is yes find out how long it will need to be off and when it will be shut off.
  • Will you be working on multiple rooms at the same time?
    • People often do both bathrooms and the kitchen at the same time. Depending on your contractor and the time frame estimate they may want or need to work on all three rooms at the same time. This is usually the case when a plumber, electrician or flooring installer is called.
  • How long will this project last?
  • Does someone need to be present during the remodeling?
These are just a few questions that a homeowner should know before construction on their home starts.

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