Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Designing your Kitchen Remodel

When Blueprint drawings of your Newly Designed Kitchen Remodel

A good general contractor is going to provide you with a blueprint of your new kitchen. It is important that you understand what is presented to you in the drawings. These drawings are used by the cabinet installers and need to be correct. It is up to you to approve the final layout and design, if you can't read the blueprint how do you know it is right?

Measurements on your Kitchen Remodel Blueprint

The blueprint is going to include all walls that will have cabinets installed on them. On the outside edge of the wall will be at least one set of measurements that give the total length of wall that cabinets are installed on. For walls that have windows there will be a second set of measurements. The second set of measurements will have the measurements of any windows and the distance between the corner or end run of cabinets and the window.

Check to make sure that all of the appliances are where you want them to be. Your next step is to count up the base and wall cabinets to make sure that you are talking about the same number of cabinets. The base cabinets on the drawing will be indicated by larger boxes. The upper cabinets will be depicted in smaller boxes located on top of the base cabinets next to the wall.

Remember the kitchen we spoke about last week?

This customer decided to open up their kitchen and remove the peninsula so the room flowed from kitchen to dining room.

Our next blog will deal specifically with elevation designs!

This is your newly designed kitchen remodel! If it does not seem right it is up to you to request any changes or clarification to the blueprints. For more information please contact Kitchen AZ Cabinets.

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