Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Features Good Better Best Cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling features that lead to clear benefits

Value added kitchen and bath remodeling features compared to price, equals the “Value Equation”. All customers have objectives in mind when they begin their design and planning process; the best value for the money.  

With our No frills, No Pitch in home design sessions, we focus on educating our customers so they can have the confidence in their decision to either spend more for the best quality, or spend less for good quality. The solution is in the details, as professionals we clearly present the Good, Better and Best with every line of Home Remodeling Products we offer.

Here are our Phoenix Merillat Kitchen Cabinets Good Better and Best 

Good Merillat Cabinets

The Merillat Cabinets Essentials® Collection, the quality and style you can expect from Merillat for any budget.  Essentials® cabinetry affords you 6 door styles with 3 wood species and 4 great finishes, great style at a great price, and a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Better Merillat Cabinets 

The Merillat Cabinets Classic® Collection offers 19 door styles with 5 wood species and laminates in 29 finishes, including 13 glaze finishes. All with a 25 Year Limited Warranty.

Best Merillat Cabinets

The Masterpiece® Collection is readily available in 42 unique door styles; raised, recessed and slab shapes, 9 wood species and laminates, with 102 finishes and 348 colors with over 3,650 design combinations and a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

 No matter if the Merillat cabinets are categorized as Good, Better and Best, rest assured they are all made to exceed Industry Standards.

View our Phoenix Home Remodeling Website Gallery more information and see our custom kitchen and Bath designs using the Merillat cabinet Product lines

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