Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New In-Stock Kitchen Cabinets for Phoenix Remodeling 3 Day Cabinets

In Stock Kitchen and Bath Cabinets; Designed, Delivered and Installed in as Little as 3 Days!

Buyer Beware! We do not sell the Cheap Cabinets made in China you see advertised as "Made in the USA".

We do not employ deceptive advertising; Made in the USA implies they are Made in the USA, they're merely assembled here.

Our In-Stock Cabinets are honestly manufactured, assembled,  finished and stocked right here in the USA.  Our 3 Day cabinets come with a full manufacturers warranty and they're in-stock to replace any part of them within 3 days.    Unlike those deceptive Made in the USA cabinet ads, where the warranty expires when you turn left or right out of the parking lot, wait 5 - 6 weeks for a part, can't match a color or finish, or the finish washes away,

We stand by what we state, backed by our 2 year workmanship warranty, and we're very affordable, not cheap!
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In-Stock Kitchen Cabinets in Phoenix
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